Welcome to our German traditions page.
Lübeck Haus Bookstore lists links to websites that deal with German traditions, customs, German language tutorials, German names, German noble titles, festivals, beer, holidays, German cookbooks and recipes, music and songs, and folklore.
They cover German holidays and festivals, Octoberfest in Munich, Bavaria, beer, german songs, music and yodeling.
We have included a link for those who may wish to view or perhaps order their own German and Austrian Bundeslander Flags.
In addition, you will find a link to 2000 rare and out-of-print classic German language videos that are available for sale and rent.
Plus several links to websites for German names for boys and girs, and place names.
The Lübeck Haus Bookstore offers books on Germany, Austria, and the Swiss and Pennsyvania Germans.

Deutscher Volkslieder Homepage
These songs are in german. Many of our old favorites are included.

The Martin Luther Homepage
An excellent site for information on Martin Luther.

German Bundeslander Flags Staat kennzeichnet
Offers 3' x 5' polyester flags for each of the German and Austrian Bundeslander Flags.

German noble titles German Titles
Twenty-two German noble titles are described in this website.

Website for baby names German Names
Offers a list of German male and female baby names with origin and meanings.
Find that perfect first name and meaning.

Website with German baby names Click Here
An extensive website with German names for babies, places, cities, and more.

German language videos Homepage
Over 2000 Rare and Out-of-Print Classic German Videos and volksmusik shows
for Sale or Rent in the USA

The Pacific Northwest Home Gardener Gardening Information.
Offers tips and suggestions for planting, obtaining seeds, growing and caring for the Edelweiss plant. Plus history, facts, and the song: Edelweiss.

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Transparent Language

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Transparent Language

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Important Historical Places


Visit our Paleontology Department for books on Paleontology, animal and human skull replicas, Dinosaur and Butterfly study kits.

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