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Heißen Sie willkommen zu unserer Seite für deutsches Brot und Nachtisch Rezepte. Die miteingeschlossene ist leicht zu folgen, und am meisten sind auf englisch. Guten appetit!

Welcome to Lübecks Bookstore and to our page for German cookbooks, and German bread and dessert recipes. These German recipes in the cookbooks included are easy to follow, and most are in English. Guten appetit !
These german bread recipes include, pumpernickel, oatmeal bread, black bread, Roggenbrot(rye bread), Hefegranz, Schnitzbrot, and soft pretzel.
The desserts include apple strudel, Vienna desserts, Vienna & Dresden stollen, Schnitzbrot, Streuselkucken, Schwartwälderkirschtorte(Black Forest Cake), and Zwiebelkucken.
Some of these web sites also include German recipes for making many of our favorite dishes, for breakfast, snacks, lunches, and dinners. These include Bread Dumplings, Wienerschnitzel, kartoffelpuffer, Linsensuppe, Pfeffernüsse, rotkohl, Schwartwälderkirschtorte(Black Forest Cake), Wienerschnitzel, Vienna Stollen, and soft pretzels.
Don't forget the Pennsyvania Dutch recipe sites for additional German recipes.

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German Cookbooks

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German Bread & Dessert Recipes

This site is a great source of recipes. Including Includes Black Bread, German Bread, Brown Bread Leaven, Oatmeal Bread, Pumpernickel and Rye Beer Bread.

German Recipes
Several good recipes for every meal and then some. Brötchen (Bread Rolls), Roggenbrot(Rye Bread) are the breads.
For desserts: Stollen, Schwartwälderkirschtorte(Black Forest Cake), Pfeffernüsse(German Christmas Cookies), German Chocolate Cake and more.

Bread Recipe
This one is for German Rye Bread.

German Yeast Bread
Includes 19 recipes for german yeast breads.

German Rye Bread
Leavened Bread (Brown Rye Bread, Rye Bread)
NOTE: American weights & measures are shown in brackets.

Bread Recipes
This site is a great source of recipes. Including Pumpernickel, Oatmeal, Black bread, and Rye Beer bread.

German Recipes
Several German dessert recipes among these 30 German recipes. Aplelstrude (Apple Strudel) is one.

German Dumplings
This one is for German Bread Dumplings.

This recipe is for Dredsen Stollen, a favorite Christmas coffee cake.

Brotchen (German Breakfast Rolls) Recipe.

German Dark Rye Bread
Try this tempting German dark rye bread recipe to spice up your meals!

German Easter Sweet Bread
German Easter Sweet Bread is a luscious German sweet cake, covered with cinnamon and sugar and nuts and sometimes with a Stollen filling in the center.

Sweet Yeast Bread
This is a sweet yeast bread. No kneading is required. Mix it together at night, cover and leave it to rise overnight. Or mix it in the morning, cover it and roll it out in the evening.

German Holiday Loaves (Hutzelbrot)

Sweet Cakes
Includes recipes for Apfel Kuchen (Apple cake)or Schwetchekuchen, and Stollen (Braided Coffeecake).

German Recipes
Here are 234 German recipes. Several are for breads and desserts. Soft & new years Pretzels, Vienna Christmas Stollen, Lebkuchen are a few.

German Agricultural Marketing Board
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