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These page has website links are for German beer producers, beer stein (Steinzeugkrug) sellers, pretzel sellers, and links that are useful for the do-it-yourselfer brewers. Many of the breweries(Brauerei) sites in Germany are in German. However, some are in German and English.

The wine producers list is being compiled and will be published when finished.

For good German cookbooks with authentic recipes, check out the Lübeck Haus Bookstore. Their German Cookbooks (Kochbücher)bookstore catalogue page is found by Clicking Here .

The links for German sausages (Wurst), Sauerkraut, Black Forest Hams, bread (Brot), cheese (käse), and wines information are located lower on this page.

Two outstanding bakeries in Pennsyvania are also included below.

Several German Beer Homebrew Recipe Kits are included also.

German Beer Recipe Kits



Bier Stein (Steinzeugkrug):

Deutscher Beerstein

THEWALT Original King Charlemagne Royalty Beer Stein - Peter Dumler Collection:
Beerstein # 199 out of 10,000 Made by THEWALT.

This cobalt blue Peter Duemler Royalty Beer Stein features five panels with King Charlemagne and his subjects. Base features lions and crowns. Pewter relief conical lid and thumb lift. Genuine "Old German" Beer Stein Traditions are rekindled with this new series. The beer steins are reproduced according to still existing records and using the original patterns of the models created by Peter Duemler (1860-1907), one of the best-known artists of his time, more than a century ago. Each beer stein of this series is exclusive and is manufactured only in a limited number, a rare piece for lovers of historic drinking vessels and collectors all over the world. Limited Edition of 10,000 individually numbered beer steins Worldwide! Height: 9.5" Volume: 1/2 Liter
Made by Thewalt of Germany

More Deutscher Beersteins



Beer, Wine, and Cheese Books

Kindle Books (Kindle Editions)

The Lübeck Haus Grocery Store

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  • Seafoods
    Seafood include Caviars & Roes, Clams, Crab, Fish, Alaskan Salmon, Herring, Sardines, Lobster, Mussels, Oysters, Scallops, Shrimp & Prawns, Escargot Snails, and Seafood Gifts.

German Sauerkraut

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Black Forest Hams

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German, Swiss, and Austrian Cookbooks

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