German Breads, Cakes and Recipes

Lübeck Haus Grocery Store offers these German speciality breads, cooking, including cakes, cookies, and more.
Gernan bread is available in over 200 different shapes, sizes, and colors. All are a great source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. And because of the very strict German food laws bread made in Germany does not contain any artificial additives.

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German Bread Selections

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German Recipes For Cakes, Cookies, And Other Foods

Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte Click Here
Also known as Black Forest Cherry Cake.

Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte Click Here
Here is another recipe for Black Forest Cherry Cake.

Gedeckter Kuchen Click Here
Also known as German Apple Cake.

Torte Click Here
Here is a selection of several Torte delights.

Aplelquarkkuchen Click Here
Also known as Apple and Cream Cake.

German White Chocolate Cake Click Here

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