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Lübeck Haus offers this page with links for information on German and Austrian sausages. Including Bockwursts, Blutwursts, Bratwursts, Knackwurst, Lieberwurst, Mettwurst, Teewurst, Weisswurst, and Wieners.
Listed are links for online sources of sausages and recipes for making your own sausages.
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Included are links to the Lübeck Haus Bookstore for books on making sausages, cheeses, and beer. And links to online groceries.

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German Sausage Selections

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The Lübeck Haus Grocery Store

German Sausage, and Other Foods

Bavaria Sausage And Thüringen Bakery .
This company in Madisom, Wisconson makes their own wurst to exacting old world recipes. Offers many kinds of Wurst, Schinken, and chesses. Plus gifts selections.

Thuringian fruit cakes Stiebling Bakery .
A selection of Thüringen cakes baked in stone ovens according to traditional Thüringen style.

Online Sources of Sausages and Hams

Bavaria Sausage Kitchen
This company in Madisom, Wisconson makes their own wurst to exacting old world recipes. Offers many kinds of Wurst, Schinken, and cheeses. Plus gifts selections.

Origins of many key terms important to the Bratwurst Connoiseur.

Recipes For Making and Using Sausages (Rezepte für Wurst)

For those who love to make their own favorite kinds of wurst, we have collected some links for recipes.
We have not tried these recipes, so we can not recommend any particular one. However, these links are here for you to check out.

Bratwurst Recipes
A grand selection of recipes for using Bratwurst in various soups, side dishes, main courses, and more. In English.

Beer, Wine, and Cheese Books

Kindle Books (Kindle Editions)


Grocery Store And Gourmet Foods

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The Lübeck Haus Grocery Store

  • The Lübeck Haus Grocery Store.
    Offers grocery selections, including Prepared Foods, Breakfast Foods, Breads & Bakery Supplies, Seafoods, Pasta, Cooking & Baking Supplies.
    Plus a growing section for German groceries.
  • Select German Foods
    Includes german bread, german chocolate cake, Mestemacher Whole Rye Bread, sunflower seed breads, pumpernickel breads, appel herring fillets, german pickles, tomato sauce, zwieback, limburger cheese, emmental cheese, and chocolate choices.
  • Dairy & Eggs
    This section includes Milk and Milk Substitutes, hundreds of choices of Cheeses, Butter, Yogurt, Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts, and dozens of choices for Eggs.
  • Seafoods
    Seafood include Caviars & Roes, Clams, Crab, Fish, Alaskan Salmon, Herring, Sardines, Lobster, Mussels, Oysters, Scallops, Shrimp & Prawns, Escargot Snails, and Seafood Gifts.

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    An extensive selection of books in many catagories. Including a selection of German cookbooks with authentic recipes for many of your favorite foods.
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