German Traditions & Customs

Welcome to another one of our German information and traditions pages. This page has links to information about the peoples of Alps mountain areas of Germany, Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Tyrol. Includes links for the customs, beer drinking songs, songs, yodeling calls, and folk dances of the german peoples of the Alps Mountains. These links direct you to the homepages with the history and use of the Alphorn alptanzer, Schuhplattler, Yodeling calls, Alphorn, Alps mountain folk dancing, and additional links of interest.
In addition, there are links for German music and songs, beer drinking songs, and a large selection of German language magazines.

Swiss Alphorns Homepage
Swiss Horn maker specializing in construction of high quality wooden alphorns.

Rocky Mountain Alphorns Homepage
Canadian Alphorn maker offers a handcrafted instrment with both superior playing qualities and extraordinary visual beauty.

Enzian Schuhplattler Homepage .
Enzian Schuhplattler performs regional dances from Bavaria and Tirol.

Alpine yodeling & calls with Kerry Christensen Master Yodeler .
This Master Yodeler features excellent yodeling and yodel calls from the Alpine areas of Europe.
If you like good yodeling songs and calls from our Alps, you'll love Kerry and his yodeling.
In our opinion, he is the master Alpine jodler. See and here him in person. Visit his site for information.
Kerry also makes available on his web site some of his excellent CDs and tapes with his yodeling, and zither music.

German heritage links Click Here
A collection of informational websites about German clubs, organizations, and events.

German music, Alpine yodeling and songs Music CDs .
This is our Lübeck Haus catalogue page for German, Austrian and Bavarian alpine music and songs, alpine jodeling and traditional music CDs.

Genealogy books Click Here .
The lübeckhaus Bookstore has many excellent books to help you uncover your family's genealogy.

Lübeck Haus Bookstore

German Music & Vocal MP3 Downloads Titles
Click on and browse through more than forty eight thousand German music and vocal MP3 downloads titles.

Traditional German Songs
This selection of traditional music and songs on CDs includes Alpen yodeling, beer drinking, hunting, and folk songs.

German and Norse Legends
This section features German and Norse legends and myths, and Icelandic Sagas and legends.
Legends & Myths.

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German Beer Drinking Songs

To access more German Beer Drinking Songs using this searchbox, first chance All ( above ) to CDs & Vinyl.
Then remove Search Amazon ( above ), then enter German Beer Drinking Songs. Then click on Go.

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