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This website, German Ways is intended as one of your links to the World of the Germans, German speaking peoples, and of our ways. We are providing an avenue for those of us with German ancestry, history, and interests to connect on the web. And this includes all of the German speaking peoples of the world wherever we are. This website has information and links for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Tyrol, Liechtenstein, Canada, The United States and other countries throughout the world.
Included are links for industry, universities, science, German history, German Cities & Villages, online German newspapers and magazines, latest news, current events, travel to Europe, art works, medieval architecture, German castles, German language books, English language books about Germany and German living, German music, food, and customs, movies, German history and people, Prussian history, genealogy research, learning to speak, read, and write German, Fraktur type & handwriting, shopping, maps of Germany, including Prussia, and much more.
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